Soldier nervously waits to reunite with the dog he served with overseas

This is the touching moment an ex-soldier reunites with the dog he served with during his time in the military. A flight attendant helped make the reunion happen, and it was captured on camera.

NBC News/YouTube

There have been numerous deployments to Afghanistan with Taylor, a specially trained dog. However, she was always accompanied by her handler, Sgt. Tom Hanson, on her deployments. As a result, they have formed a strong relationship. The military dog had always been devoted to the Sgt. and his fellow soldiers, showing them loyalty and protection. That’s why Hanson wanted to pay it forward when his turn arrived!

NBC News/YouTube

Like any retired military dog, Taylor had to be put up for adoption when she was no longer required to do her duties. And because Taylor’s previous handler and her new family were so close, she couldn’t have found a nicer home. The good news is that Molli Oliver, a selfless woman, made it all possible. Former military dog handlers and their canines were reunited by Molli, a flight attendant. The term “hobby” refers to something like this.

NBC News/YouTube

Imagine that Molli is not only arranging for the dogs to fly to and from their destinations, but she is also financially supporting their travels. To me, that’s the epitome of kindness and a great interest! So Sgt. Hanson was able to adopt Taylor, his devoted friend, owing to this kind-hearted woman. In a heartwarming reunion, they were all reunited.

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