Spectacular moment a herd of 50 elephants ambles across a highway

A herd of adult and juvenile elephants halted traffic on a major highway in a Thai region when they crossed the road.

East of Bangkok, near Chachoengsao, a family of more than 50 elephants emerged from the bush and crossed the road.

Stunning film depicts scores of villagers gathering on both sides of the road to observe the peaceful animals.

A huge mother elephant guides the elephants across the Chachoengsao roadway.

A huge matriarch elephant leads the herd over the road as she ambles to the opposite side of the jungle.

She is closely followed by the rest of the herd, all of whom are within touching distance and trailing aies.

One elephant stops momentarily before continuing on as the entire herd clears the road in less than forty seconds.

As bystanders take photographs, a tiny elephant calf can be seen crossing the road with its parents.

Multiple police officials also arrived to assure the elephants’ safe passage to the adjacent wild region.

During the day, wildlife rangers had been tracking elephants through the countryside before closing the route to prevent accidents.

The filmmaker, Pratya Chutipat Sakul, said that more than fifty wild elephants crossed the road. Together, they traveled from one section of the bush to another.

The wildlife officers had been tracking the elephants for several days.

A very small calf may be seen walking under her mother’s stomach at the rear of the herd.

When they noticed that their path was approaching the road, they called the police and blocked the road immediately.

‘Police officers arrived to guarantee that the elephants crossed safely and without incident.

Nobody minds waiting for the elephants because their safety is of utmost importance.

The elephants were so tranquil that they hardly noticed the people. I feel incredibly fortunate to have witnessed such a magnificent spectacle.

The herd of fifty elephants successfully cross the road in less than forty seconds and retreat to the jungle on the opposite side.

While gorgeous, wild elephants in Chachoengsao have occasionally been in the news for the wrong reasons this year.

On Thursday, the body of 53-year-old mango picker Chalermphol Sukthawee was discovered in a ruer plantation in a forested area in the ase of Langka mountain.

He is said to have been trampled in the district by a herd of elephants.

On February 11, a monk was also slain after ignoring warnings about a herd on an oil farm.

Phra Prapop, 35, was reportedly dragged out of his tent by an undetermined number of wild animals while he was in seclusion.