Stray Cat ‘Frozen In Fear For Days’ Is So Grateful When Someone Stops To Help

Capone had nowhere else to go, so he camped out beneath a covered area adjacent to a business. The two-year-old stray cat was desolate and afraid, wondering how long he would have to wait in a trash heap before being rescued.

Fortunately, a few spectators intervened, so saving the day and Capone’s life.

Meagan Licari, a rescuer with Puppy Kitty NYCity, told The Dodo: “The workers across the street from where he was found began spotting him after a few days.” They reported that he did not move from his position and was so afraid that he could barely eat.

Capone may have been frightened, but he allowed Licari to pet him instantly as cat meowed his appreciation.

“It was clear he was not a feral cat,” Licari said. He was completely matted and his ears were infected.

Licari was unwilling to abandon Capone, but the only item she possessed was a dog carrier. She took a risk in an attempt to get Capone to safety.

“He quickly leaped into my lap and was desperate for affection,” said Licari. “It was incredible because I knew he was terrified. He is the gentlest and sweetest boy, a true lap cat.”

Here you may view Capone’s rescue:

Licari was surprised and relieved that Capone walked voluntarily into the carrier as she assisted him.

“There is no better feeling than seeing cats move from a garbage pile to a posh condominium in New York City,” Licari remarked. It is what motivates me to continue.

After being rescued, Capone settled peacefully into his new existence, where he no longer has to sleep on the hard ground outside.

Licari remarked, “Right now, he’s doing phenomenal.” Since being adopted, he now has a pampered existence.

Help Capone and his friends through Puppy Kitty NYCity onĀ Instagram.