Stray Dog Won’t Stop Chasing Bus Until Driver Adopts Her

He observed her grit and determination.

Jaypee Barcelinia didn’t anticipate sharing a seat with a furry passenger as he boarded the bus in Quezon City, Philippines. He was content to make room for the animal, though, after seeing the extent the stray dog was willing to travel to get a chance to board.

When our jeepney—a kind of local public transportation—passed by, the stray dog—which had been loitering in a public road—suddenly chased the jeepney and demanded a ride, according to what Barcelinia told The Dodo.


According to Barcelinia, the dog attempted to jump onto the jeepney six times, but she was unsuccessful each time. The dog would put her front paws on the back step whenever the bus slowed down, then remove them as soon as it accelerated.


The driver was hesitant to allow the dog to board because he was afraid the stray dog would become aggressive and bite a passenger.

Because it is unusual to witness a dog following a jeep in the Philippines, the jeepney driver was initially reluctant to stop and save the dog, according to Barcelinia.


The dog seems determined to catch up to the car no matter how worn out she grew. The bus’s driver eventually stopped moving as his heart began to soften. The panting dog did not attempt to place her paws on the back step, though, this time.

She opted to wait, as if to request permission before boarding.

The exhausted dog eventually got her wish and took a well-earned nap in the shade of the covered car. She boarded the jeepney and dozed out inside, according to Barcelinia.


And it doesn’t stop there.

Even after the trip was over, the dog refused to go, according to Barcelinia, who spoke to Newsflare. She is currently being cared for and kept by the driver.