Stray Pit Bull Protects a missing toddler until he safely gets home

Stray dogs are just as good as other dogs, if not better. Sadly, these adorable creatures are often abandoned on the streets and have to fight for their own lives.

Their tortuous circumstances make them fear people and distance themselves from them. However, no matter how people treat them, they still love people and treat them as best friends.

A toddler missing from home was found on the streets of St. John’s. Louis, Missouri, was walking with a stray pit bull that seemed to be protecting him. The Pitbull refused to leave the boy’s side until he was reunited with his family.

According to FOX 2, the little boy named Kh’amorion Taylor was wearing a pajama and wandering the street on the morning of October 1 with a dog beside him when a neighbor saw them. The neighbor was shocked to see that the pit bull seemed to guard the little boy until he was safely home.

The neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous was walking the dogs when she found the boy. She told the TV station: “I knocked on the door from up to the street.” Knocked on the door, there was no answer.

Missing toddler reunited with his father; stray dog seen ‘guarding’ the wandering child
Credit: Fox 2 St. Louis

No one answered; they didn’t recognize the child”. He looked well cared for; he was very neat, very clean; he didn’t wear shoes,” the woman said of Taylor. Eventually, Taylor’s father recognized his son on a social media post and reunited with him right away. Taylor is said to keep saying “puppy” repeatedly as the dog was taken in by the St. Louis Police Department.

The kind Samaritan said she thought it was part of her civic duty to help. “It’s important that we stick together, that we help each other, that we go back to what our grandparents and their communities used to do,” she told FOX 2. “We build a sense of solidarity.”

For guardian angel Taylor, the St. Police Department. Louis is currently thinking about adopting a stray dog. Since then, many people have commented on the set’s FB page, asking them to adopt the dog.
“Are you adopting a stray pit bull? Please accept him as an honorary member “, a writer”.

PLEASE adopt the lovely Pit Bull…. He deserves a good and safe home! Do not allow him on the street…” wrote another. We hope such a loving, protective dog will soon find a permanent home.

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