Stray Pup Flags Down Woman For Help And Leads Her To Surprising Discovery

When Stacy Batson left work in Quincy, Florida, and took her usual way home, she had no idea that her day would end with a rescue. But when a small dog ran out of the brush next to the road and chased Batson’s car, she stopped and answered his call.

The weak and hungry dog took Batson to his brother, who also needed her help.


Stacy Batson told The Dodo, “I saw the two puppies on my way home from work.” “It was late at night, but the brindle puppy was the first to greet me. He seemed to be the strongest and the most outgoing and friendly.

The other brother, a brown and white puppy, didn’t trust Batson quite yet.

“It seemed like he put his trust in the other,” Batson said. “But both of them were very nice people.”


“They were starving, so I gave them the half of my lunch that I didn’t eat,” Batson said. “It broke my heart in two.”

After eating Batson’s leftovers, the kids felt comfortable enough to smell his hand. She doesn’t know how long they were there, but she knew she had to help them so they wouldn’t be hungry and alone any longer.

Here is where you can see the heartbreaking first meeting:


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Even though Batson told her to do something, she says that her uncle Silas is the real hero.

Batson said, “He picked them up and took them to a rescue.” “I wanted to make sure they were safe and well cared for.”


Rescue Paws Pet Refuge Inc. took over, which is a good thing.

After a vet gave them the all-clear, Burger and Sketti are staying in a foster home until they can go to their forever home together. Even though Batson didn’t take care of them directly after she found them, she checks on them often through social media to see how they’ve changed since they were saved.

Here, you can see them come to life:


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At first, the puppies didn’t want to touch people, but now they always want to play or give kisses.

Batson said, “The puppies have been doing well.” “I’m thrilled that such a small act of kindness has touched so many people.”