Stray senior cat is held for first time and ‘melts’ into vet’s arms

Senior strays have typically been through a great deal in their life. These creatures may have lived their entire lives as strays, or in some unfortunate instances, they may have been abandoned when their medical costs became too expensive. Fortunately, there are those who care enough to welcome these animals into their homes and hearts.

New Jersey stray cat Barnaby was fortunate to find one of these individuals.

This kitten was in ter.ri.ble condition.

Barnaby had an eye condition and was severely underweight. He was completely alone and a senior citizen as far as cats are concerned.

At 15 years old, there were not many people eager to assist the stray cat. Fortunately, Voorhees Animal Orphanage assisted him.

Barnaby was provided with the necessary food, a safe place to sleep off the streets, and water.

When the shelter took a closer look at Barnaby, they determined that his chances of being adopted were quite low. He required extensive medical care and special affection.

For many potential adopters, this was a bit excessive. For difficult adoption instances like Barnaby, a special individual is required to assist.

Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife, Clare, called the shelter and requested additional information about the senior cat. They desired to assist in treating the sick cat at their own clinic. Would they be willing to assist him in finding a permanent home?

After Ed and Barnaby met, it was a match made in heaven. There are matches that make perfect sense!

When Ed and the elderly cat met for the first time, they bonded in a way that only pet owners could understand. Ed could not help but smile and laugh at Barnaby’s antics. After assisting in the treatment of the cat, Ed realized he could no longer exist without him.

The offer of assistance quickly became a match made in cat heaven.

Ed determined that Barnaby was such an amazing cat that he could not live without him! The elder cat was officially adopted and brought into his house.

Eventually, though, everyone saw that Barnaby had changed. Spending time with a caring individual had an intriguing effect on Barnaby.

After being adopted, Barnaby began to act like a whole different cat!

First time in his life that he was happy, healthy, and cared for! It appeared to have a magical impact on the cat, who appeared to age magically. Having someone care for you may be the most effective treatment for a shattered heart.

Many senior cats require our assistance. We can do our part by adopting older animals or by ensuring their comfort as they age. Dr. Ed did just this for Barnaby.

Dr. Ed ensured that Barnaby’s latter years were happy. He crossed the rainbow bridge as a cat that had experienced so much affection.

Below is a video featuring Barnaby and Dr. Ed.

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