Surrendered 16-year-old Senior Cat is Loved Back to Life By 18-year-old Senior Cat at Sanctuary!

This is the tale of Orion, a sixteen-year-old cat who lost his only known home. When he arrived at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary in Fort Worth, Texas, he was timid and hid!
He hid for over one week!

“He lost his only home and is apprehensive of his new one, yet he loves to sneak up on you while you’re napping and cuddle. Salutations, Orion. We’re delighted to have you,” said Karyn Poplin of the Kitty Adventure Rescue League.

Britches, one of the other resident cats, quickly came to Orion’s aid and comforted him with affection and purring. Britches has resided at the shelter for eighteen years.

Once Orion understood how much Britches loved him, he began to slowly emerge from his shell and return to life!

It wasn’t long until Orion was back to doing what he loves most: giving everyone head bonks!

And now, Orion expresses his appreciation for this new and great home each and every day!

Occasionally, all we need is for someone to believe in us and love us back into the real world.