Sweet footage shows elephant brothers cuddling while sleeping at Sydney Zoo

It’s National Hugging Day, and two elephant brothers from Australia show the world why they’re known as gentle giants. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this sweet video of two residents of Sydney Zoo cuddling while they sleep.

FB/Sydney Zoo

Initially posted on FB by the zoo’s staffers, the beautiful video shows Ashoka napping happily in the barn while Kavi is also hunting for the perfect spot to take an afternoon nap. And where else would he rather be than next to his devoted sibling? Though slumbering, Ashoka is aware that his brother is nearby and displays a heartfelt gesture of affection.

According to a post on Sydney Zoo’s FB page, Kavi and Ashoka, two resident elephant brothers, are giving each other the cutest large spoon cuddles. Take a look at this:

There’s a lot more to hugging than just human beings. According to elephant keeper Jo Maitland, in order to thrive, the elephants at the zoo rely on the bonds they have with one another. It’s a natural display of affection and a means for elephants to connect with each other by sleeping together. ” One of the greatest advantages of a zookeeper’s job is witnessing the remarkable affinity between animals.

As part of a breeding effort to help save the Asian elephant species, Kavi and Ashoka, two young elephant cubs, recently joined Sydney Zoo. It is estimated that fewer than 50,000 of these creatures remain in the wild, and that number is steadily dwindling.

See the moment the two boys arrived at Sydney Zoo in the video below!