Tao is a Blind Golden Retriever Who Has a New Lease of Life Thanks to his Beady-Eyed Companion

Guide dogs don’t just assist blind people; on occasion, they’ll also assist other dogs with visual impairments to navigate their way through life. They are not only wonderful friends, but they also make everyday things much simpler for those of us who are unable to live a regular life.

Tao, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever, is an excellent example of how our canine companions also need the support of guide dogs to improve their lives. Tao’s life hasn’t been easy. After being diagnosed with glaucoma, a medical term for damage to the nerve that links the eye to the brain as a result of inadequate eye fluid drainage, the precious Golden Retriever went blind.

Melanie, Tao’s owner, first realized that he was behaving strangely one day, rubbing his eye and moaning. She took him to the vet that evening, concerned, and he was diagnosed quickly. To relieve the pain, they had no choice but to remove Tao’s eye.

Unfortunately, Melanie learned from the vet that Tao’s second eye would have to be removed in the near future. Melanie prepared Tao for the inevitable by teaching him everything she knew about blindness, and Tao’s second eye was removed one year later.

Despite Melanie’s praise for Tao’s post-surgery resilience and adaptability, life for the pooch became more difficult. She tried everything she could to make his life as stress-free as possible, which is when she decided that a guide dog could be the answer to her problems.

And when little Oko entered his life, everything changed for the better.

Oko is Tao’s personal guide dog, assisting him in getting around and making life much easier for the elderly Tao. They met when Oko was just eleven weeks old, and despite the fact that it’s only been a few months, the two have formed an inseparable bond.

The two’s incredible relationship has warmed hearts all over the internet, and they even have their own Instagram account. Tao’s owners share images and videos of Oko walking Tao on his own and keeping his lead.

Despite the fact that Oko is still learning his trade as a guide dog, he has made a significant difference in Tao’s life by making things simpler and better. We wish the two a long and happy friendship and the best of luck in the future!

Though the two cute Goldens are completely unaware of it, they have a rapidly expanding Instagram fan base of over 18.5K people who closely follow their adventures.

Melanie intends to use the forum to promote canine glaucoma awareness. Such is her commitment to helping other dogs in the same predicament as Tao; she has collaborated closely with The Kennel Club to use Tao’s DNA as a “marker” that could aid in the identification of other dogs that could be susceptible to the disease.

Glaucoma does not have to result in a complete loss of vision; if caught and diagnosed early enough, it can be completely avoided. In reality, if detected at an early enough stage, it is easily preventable.

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