Teen Couldn’t Find A Date For The Prom, So He Took His Cat Instead

Prom is a highlight of our school years, but it also causes a great deal of anxiety. Important selections include what to wear and who to bring.

“Who to bring” is typically the most important question. It must be someone you like, with whom you are comfortable, and with whom you would enjoy spending the entire evening.

Finding a good date can rapidly become a major hassle. But sometimes, in order to solve a problem, you must simply think creatively. Just ask Sam Steingard.

Sam Steingard was having difficulty finding a prom date, but he decided to address his problem in the sweetest way imaginable.

According to The Animal Rescue Site, he decided to bring his cat Ruby instead of a traditional prom date because he did not intend to spend much time at the prom.

The Steingard family discovered Ruby as a kitten outside a Ruby Tuesday restaurant, and she has been a member of the family ever since.

Ruby has been a part of Sam’s life for more than a decade, and she was delighted to be his prom date.

Joanne, the mother of Stengaird, ensured that Ruby was appropriately attired for the wedding.

She purchased her a lovely dress and added a sparkling collar to complete the ensemble.

Ruby, who was already attractive, became a true belle of the ball.

Once they were both dressed to the nines, Joanne took typical prom photos of the gorgeous couple.

Sam’s sister subsequently uploaded one of the photos online, and it instantly went viral.

Now, millions of individuals have watched the image, and it has been shared all over the Internet. People from all over the world are gushing over Ruby. Everyone adores the hilarious couple.

Ruby’s newfound fame has resulted in the creation of an Instagram page, rubytheprettykitty, where followers can learn more about her and the Steingard family.