Terrified rescued dog turns into cuddle bug after meeting his adoptive mother

Terri Fox is a foster mom and animal rescuer who lives in Woodland Hills, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. She is also the founder and president at Foxy and the Hounds, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured, abandoned, and abused dogs as well as those at risk of death in their shelters.

When a rescuer called Terri and asked if she could help a terrified dog, she agreed immediately. This rescue dog named Arnold got mad at everyone because he had never felt a kind hand touch.

Terri just thought he was stressed out, so she gave him time to calm down. She spent 4 hours of the day sitting in the bathroom with him, talking to him, and hanging out with him. She just wanted him to trust her and know that nothing would happen to him.

Dogs at Foxy and the Hounds are usually adopted within the first week, but Arnold is not. He was abused, so he needed more time to feel safe and comfortable before moving to a new home. He still thought that Terri’s presence was threatening him. For this reason, she did her best to let him know that nothing would happen when she touched him.

One day, Terri opened her hand a little and reached out to massage his chest area. He began to relax. Although he didn’t believe her right away, she didn’t give up. She knows that it takes a while to earn his trust. In the end, Terri’s efforts paid off. Arnold started wagging her tail and rolling around when she came and rubbed his belly. He even approached her, looking for her and her attention. After all, they became good friends.

Now, he is very relaxed and knows what love is. He is a fun and ordinary dog. He just loves attention, love, and touch. Arnold had come a long way, but now he opens to love. We hope that Terri will place him with a perfect forever family who will love him and treat him well.