Thai airline arranges special ‘pet on board’ flight for owners to bring furbabies into cabin

When traveling by plane, pets must normally be transported in the cargo area.

On August 30, however, Nok Air, a Thai airline, planned a “pet on board” flight.

On the flight from Don Mueang airport in Bangkok to Chiang Mai, owners brought their dogs in special carriers into the cabin.

On August 30, Nok Air announced the special flight via a FB post.

Special carriers for pets

The pets were transported in special bags marked “Nok Air Pet on Board.”

Large mesh panels on the carriers allowed the pets to be watched from the outside while providing ventilation.

In addition, they had specific zippered apertures allowing pets to look out while being carried.

Tickets were priced at 12,999 THB ($504).

Ticket prices for the Pet on Board aircraft were 12,999 TBH ($504) for two travelers and a pet, as reported by Thaiger.

In July 2022, Nok Air also gave away seats for its Pet on Board flight in a sweepstakes.

Pets required diapers

Nok Air stated that the pets were compelled to wear “ready-made diapers” for the duration of the flight in response to a comment that the animals must have defecated during the flight.

Nok Air also stated that birds (or “Nok” in Thai) and other pets such as dogs and cats cannot currently fly with their owners on Pet on Board flights.

Pets are not permitted on regular flights.

However, not everyone was enthusiastic about the concept of traveling with pets.

One reviewer stated that he would not fly with the airline if he were had to sit alongside dogs and cats.

Nok Air answered swiftly that pets were not permitted on its ordinary flights and that Pets On Board was a “special flight” that would not be bookable on the airline’s website.

Additionally, the airline stated that it would accept recommendations for additional “Pet on Board” flights to additional destinations.