The 18-year-old dog surrendered for “stupid” Finally found love forever at home

In the perfect world, every dog ​​has a home; where they call their own names, where they are loved, cherished and cared for – from the moment they are born until they are old and discolored.

Sadly, this is not the case with many pups and certainly did not happen to Figgy, who; After a lifetime of moving, at the age of 18, he surrendered to a local veterinarian by the people he loved most in the world.

 Why? Well, according to its former owners, the puppy is very ‘stupid’ and after having had a lot of accidents at home (most likely due to its age-related blindness and arthritis) put it down.

Thankfully, everything happened unexpectedly but pleasant when Figgy went to the vet. After reviewing him and a few checks here and there, the staff decided against his owner’s wishes.

Saying that there was no real reason why he was not allowed to live the rest of his days.

The veterinarian immediately looked for alternative life arrangements, believing that someone, somewhere would perfectly fit the Figs and they certainly weren’t mistaken. A few phone calls later, everything was fine, and Figgy would move to sunny San Francisco with the hope of a new life at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Once he got there, it was clear that after all Figgy went through, he just needed a little more TLC and so was initially brought home by the Muttville founder; Sherri Franklin.

With Sherri, Figgy finally got all the love and attention he so desperately needed and they spent a lot of time cuddling and napping. Figgy is living in his dream of retirement and it looks like life won’t get any better until it happens!

Within 4 days of his arrival, Eileen, a friend of the rescue team, contacted her to express her interest in giving Figgy a home.

After successfully adopting many older dogs, including many from Muttville, there is no doubt in Sherris’ mind that Eileen is the perfect fit everyone has come to expect. And just like that Figgy was rebuilt with Eileen with Miss Abbie, another Muttville rescue dog.

When asked what motivates her to do what she does, Eileen said,

Dogs deserve love, comfort and safety for whatever time they are left and I know I can provide that.

Eileen is an experienced hospice caregiver who will fall in love with Figgy for the rest of his days! Isn’t she the sweetest one? It’s people like Eileen and the good guys in Muttville that make us wonder – maybe the world isn’t that bad after all.

Watch the video of Figgy’s journey below: