The 92-year-old retired vet dedicates his life to making wheelchairs for disabled dogs

Disabled animals can now live a fuller life thanks to a selfless elder working tirelessly in a small white warehouse in the town of Chesapeake Bay.

Lincoln Parkes, 92, spent all his days doing what he loves – creating dog wheelchairs. As a veterinarian for many years, Dr. Parkes devoted more than 60 years of his life to building stroller specifically for paralyzed animals.

Parkes’ retirement didn’t stop him from working – instead, he focused full attention on his lifelong passion. Set up a workshop two blocks from his home and start manufacturing wheelchairs.

It all started when Parkes caught a man whose dog was hit by a car. The dog’s hind legs are no longer active, but when Parkes makes a K-9 stroller for his furry friend, the dog has a life change.

That was when Parks decided to go one step further, and in the early 1960s, he opened a shop selling wheelchairs, where he created stroller for dogs who could not walk.

He kept it active as a side job throughout his decades-long vet career, but it quickly turned into a lifelong affair.

Parkes now spends all day designing a particular stroller for animals in need. Nothing makes him happier than seeing a puppy light up in happiness after being fitted in a new wheelchair.

“I want to give animals a better life,” Parkes said. “If you put them in a stroller when they can’t walk, it gives them the ability to move so they can use their forelegs and their morale goes on – they’re just like kids after they have their own independence.”

“I retire every day around midnight. It was the only retirement I ever received, but I’m happy to have done something useful, ”said Dr. Parkes.

As the years passed, Parkes faced five or six other severe competitors, and as a result sales dropped to a few hundred vehicles per year, and Parkes reach ceased nationwide.

In the past, he could pay staff to build wheelchairs while focusing on creating new prototypes – but now he’s the one putting the cars together.

Usually, it takes many days to complete an order when he stitches plastic sheets and aluminum tubes together.

But he was not discouraged. He’s still working on a new and better version of a wheelchair that he thinks will sell.

Ever since Parks founded K-9 Carts, he has changed the lives of mice with disabilities for the better. Parkes custom makes every stroller make sure it fits each dog’s needs, and it’s clear how much he cares about every little dog that crosses his street.

Although 92 years old, he is determined to keep working and save lives.

Parkes is a wonderful man and a real source of inspiration. He has saved many people, both as a veterinarian and with his puppy wheelchairs, and we appreciate his compassion and dedication.