The a.ban.doned puppy has a different chance of living happily with a LEGO wheelchair made by the 12-year-old boy

A little love and creativity can help make a big difference. Who would have known that a child’s love for his dog is like LEGO would completely change a puppy’s life?

This is the story of Gracie, a puppy with a disability, and how she was given a second chance to lead a happy life. Gracie was born with a congenital disability that left her without front legs – and because of this, her family decided that they didn’t want to help her deal with her disability, deciding to dispose of her on the road mercilessly without thinking.

When Gracie was finally found and taken to the vet’s office, she had no hair around her eyes and maggots crawling all over her body; she was in a dire condition. However, Gracie was a warrior and she refused to give up on herself.

After her first visit, the veterinarian contacted a local rescue organization called Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue in Kennesaw, Georgia, who brought in Gracie to help her find a new home. The Turleys, who actually run the shelter, fall in love with Gracie and decide to adopt her.

However, there were still significant concerns about her current mobility and longevity, as the lack of her forelimbs puts tremendous pressure on her spine and chest areas. Her owners were worried that protracted physical problems might arise as Gracie grows up. Realizing this, they needed to act quickly, as puppies grow significantly during the first few years.

They decided to ask one of the shelter volunteers for help. 12-year-old volunteer Dylan is known for his expertise in building LEGO blocks. Dylan was tasked with building a wheelchair that could help Gracie move more freely. Dylan was happy to help and created a temporary wheelchair.


It took a few weeks for Gracie to get around on wheels with ease, but she quickly capitalized on her new support and mobility. Though it was built with LEGO blocks, the chair was perfect for Gracie, providing the necessary protection for her chest area and spine.

In fact, she’s had some different iterations of a LEGO wheelchair throughout her life. LEGO blocks prove to be a surprisingly versatile, useful choice, with the ability to change them as your baby gets older.


As her size increased, so did the LEGO frame and wheel.

Finally, as an adult, Gracie is seated in a traditional doggy wheelchair. But only thanks to the love of the Turney and Dylan families, Gracie was able to get through her crucial first year as a puppy without any major health problems.