The abandoned puppies inside the box are waiting for a loving home

Puppies are one of the most adorable creatures in the world, born to be cared for and loved.

But there is the sad fact that many of them are not lucky enough to have a home, or some are left alone out there, leaving them struggling to live in a lethargic, hopeless situation.

Love Furry Friends, an animal rescue channel, received a call for help from a man who said he had found a box with two small dogs inside. The team arrived at the scene immediately and met the man who had called them earlier.

He said that he was here with the pups for an hour but didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t bring them home because he was always busy and didn’t have time to care for them.

The team decided to accept very young dogs, and they knew the dogs needed special care. Initially, they carefully fed them a little, then took them to the vet for a health check.

The veterinarian said the puppies were three weeks of age infants and needed to be fed warm milk.

The puppies are super cute. One of them is a girl; they named her Gerda. The other one is a boy; they called him Totoshka.

The team prepared a warm place for them and started giving them milk. The two little puppies are now safe, and they no longer need to be afraid of starvation in cold weather.

After a week, the little dogs can feed themselves; they look very eager to eat themselves.

Two weeks later, the cute furballs are so happy that they actively play together and seem curious about new things.

Gerda and Totoshka are lovely together. They, like all pitiful creatures on this planet, deserve to be loved. Hopefully, in one day, both can find a loving home, the right mind to match.

Watch the video below:

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