The abused dog is rescued from the bad place and healed with love and care

An animal relief organization has received an emergency call about a case in need of rescue. She assumed her neighbors severely mistreated a dog. The dog was chained to a pole in the yard without food or water.

Their owners are unemployed alcoholics who always go out and come home only every two to three days. The dog is subjected to hunger, thirst, and intense heat outside all day. The woman took pity on him and brought him some food and water, otherwise, he would die of exhaustion.

On the ground nearby, as far as a chain could reach, they found small holes. Perhaps the dog dug them while he felt bored of being chained all the time.

The woman never saw her neighbor take the dog for a walk. When the rescuers arrived, the dog was delighted. It wagged its tail and became excited.

While feeding the dog, they discovered a necklace rather than a standard necklace around its neck. The chain was so tight that it cut into the dog’s flesh.

There were large scars on the dog’s head, indicating that its owner had brutally beaten him. You can see that the poor dog is starving; he has devoured all the food on the tray. Just looking at him eating, it hurts so much.

The rescue team decided to take the dog out of this terrible place. However, they were only able to untie the lanyard on the pole outside the yard. And the necklace with the large keylock was still on his neck.

The dog was quickly taken to the vet for a checkup. When passing a gas station, the chain on the poor dog was removed by a kind man.

Labrador is examined for parasites, skin diseases, and treatment for open wounds on the body at the clinic. He will be there until fully recovered.

After two weeks, the dog – new name Kross – was better, and he was taken to the shelter. In his new place, he is trained mentally and physically to help him adapt to the new environment.

Kross learned very quickly, and he could execute many instructor commands. In the afternoon, he was taken for a walk in the park, where he also made some new friends.

Now, he is very healthy and happy. Kross is an intelligent and friendly dog. We all hope that he will find someone to love and care for him soon.

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