The Air Force veteran and his loyal dog pass away within hours of each other

It is no coincidence that dogs are considered human’s best friends out of all the animals on this planet. Owners’ relationships with their dogs are inevitable, something that is sometimes even unbreakable by death.

Veteran Daniel Hove and his loyal dog Gunner have gone through a lifetime of adventure together, but when Gunner realized the end is imminent with his beloved master, he wouldn’t be able to face a life without him.

Daniel Hove was a famous firefighter who began his career in the Air Force and then went on to serve his Burnsville community.

“He was someone that his department really relied on to innovate, educate, train, and keep up with new fire-fighting technology,” his daughter Heather said.

Unfortunately, the heroic and veteran firefighter was stopped after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011 and forced to retire in 2012. When Daniel was first received his cancer diagnosis, all around him were loved ones, including his dog, Gunner. In fact, Hove’s 11-year-old dog almost never left by his side. They were clearly inseparable.

Sadly, Hove’s condition worsened dramatically during his later years. But even though Gunner is a 90-pound dog, the pair were still cuddling with each other.

“They were best friends until the end. They went hunting best friends; they went everywhere together. Hove’s daughter, Heather said.

The pair were inseparable, so it was no surprise that Gunner fell ill; Hove has entered his final days.

Heather said one day, she looked at Gunner and knew he was about to give up the fight. Then the day when everyone dreaded. The family knew that it was only a matter of time before Gunner left.

She said, “My father was not reacting; the dog was not responding.” So once we see how the dog works – it doesn’t move much anymore, isn’t working well – we know it’s coming. ”

“I called the vet where I used to work,” she said, “They got me in right away, and I put him up there, put him to sleep. And about an hour and a half later, my father left too.

Understandably, the veteran’s daughter was heartbroken by her father’s death, but she was grateful he didn’t have to suffer in the end when he lost his companion. She believes that her father’s illness is the cause of Gunner’s mental breakdown and ultimately his health as the two cannot stand being apart.

“I said I don’t know what would hurt him more,” to try to bring him to an end – to put him to sleep – to end his suffering, or if you let him live the day his father is about to die. I thought I would kill him anyway. We knew they would go together. We just didn’t know it would be hours apart. ”

“Gunner couldn’t do without my dad,” Nicoletti added and said. “I think he chose to go with him.”

At least they had each other in their last days. And it must have been a comfort for their family to know that they were together in heaven.

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