The beautiful relationship between the orphaned giraffe and the guard dog (10 pictures)

This is the story of an unlikely friendship between an a.ban.doned baby giraffe and a guard dog at a local orphanage in South Africa.

Jazz the Giraffe was just nine days old when a farmer found it in the wild, and it was motherless. Then it was brought to the Rhino Orphanage in South Africa.

Hunter is a young Belgian Malinois. He became interested in caring for Jazz right from the rescue, quickly befriending the long-necked guy.

Janie Van Heerden, a caretaker at the orphanage, said the pair bonded instantly, with Hunter snuggling up into Jazz the giraffe’s body as if it were another puppy.

Jazz is slowly growing to become bigger and stronger and eventually, he will leave the orphanage and return to his natural habitat, but only if he is strong enough.

“Maybe soon [the giraffe] will be able to go home [to the wilderness],” said Janie.

Unfortunately, the exact location of the orphanage is kept secret due to poachers.

Some hearts will certainly be broken when the two are inevitably separated.

In just one month, a giraffe can be around 10 stone in weight.