The cat rescued after being stuck atop a 36-foot utility pole for days

Residents of a suburban Denver neighborhood were worried about the fate of a black cat called Panther who was perched atop a 36-foot utility pole for at least two days.

The cat went missing earlier in the week, and was first seen atop the pole on Wednesday.

It was best to give Panther time to come down on his own, according to animal control. The cat was rescued by the firefighters after they dispatched a ladder truck.

The co-owner of Panther, Alexis Soberanis and others tried to coax the cat down by using food as a reward. Panther stayed put despite attempts by his co-owner to get him to go down in Aurora. The appeal of food didn’t do the trick, according to the Colorado report.

“Everybody’s been just like, ‘Put food down and it’ll come down eventually,'” said Aurora resident Jessica Meadows on Friday morning, when the city received its first snow of the season. “That’s not going to happen.”

Meadows said she and other neighbors called Aurora animal control and Xcel Energy for help.

“Everyone says they can’t do anything,” Meadows said.

According to another utility, cats should be given time to make their way back down on their own. City officials dispatched a ladder truck Friday after learning of Panther’s plight.

The cat was rescued after firefighters got the truck in place. Panther was eager to enter the pet carrier.

Kimberly Medina, another Panther co-owner, said he had always been allowed outside.

No more, she said: “Never.”