The Clever Stray Dog Who Tracked Down Human Who Was Kind To her

Earlier this year, Mohd Ridhuan and his friends were walking along a beach in Johor Bahru when they came across a small pack of stray dogs. They were all probably hungry, so the self-proclaimed animal lover approached them, hoping to share some of his food. 

It was an act of compassion that any animal lover can resonate with, but what he didn’t realize at the time was that this encounter was about to change his perspective on life, and he was about to inherit a new best friend thanks to his kindness. 

Ridhuan admits to being shocked when they welcomed him, given the possibility of being pursued by stray dogs in Malaysia. They soon recognized him and looked forward to his visits because he always brought plenty of food. But one day, Ridhuan failed to appear. So one stubborn little dog set out to find him on her own! Sally, one of the pack’s brown and white dogs, tracked Ridhuan all the way down to the nearby convenience store where he works.

She quickly took to the place and made it her new home, wandering around the neighborhood and spending as much time with Ridhuan as she could. On the other hand, Sally finds it difficult to watch Ridhuan leave for home after each shift. 

Many of us know exactly what Ridhuan and Sally must be feeling, as we understand the hardship of leaving our beloved pet at home as we head out for work in the morning. Only Sally is left on the street to fend for herself, even though there’s nothing that Ridhuan can currently do about it.

Ridhuan is unable to adopt Sally since his apartment does not accept dogs. However, he is currently looking for a stable and caring home for the adorable dog, and he is using Twitter to spread the word and log their relationship. Unfortunately, Twitter can sometimes bring out the worst in people, and Ridhuan has even received some abuse online because of his relationship with Sally.  

Regarding their relationship, Ridhuan says of Sally: 

“She always makes a sad face every time I go home … she’s clingy, cheerful, and protective.” 

With all that considered, Ridhuan isn’t happy about leaving her either, as he knows that things can get dangerous for stray dogs after dark, but what option does he have? He says that if his rental agreement permitted him, he would welcome Sally into his home in a heartbeat, but it’s just not possible right now. 

Instead, he’s trying to harness the power of social media to find Sally a home, and he hopes that his Tweets will eventually be seen by someone willing to give the beautiful Sally the forever home that she seemingly craves. 

We can all come together and wish Ridhuan all the luck in the world in his attempts to find Sally a new home, and it goes without saying that we’re all rooting for him from wherever we are in the world!