The cute dog still thinks she’s small enough to use her sister as a pillow

Meet Frannie, an adorable puppy that has carried her newborn sister Trixie right at her feet (wings).
When Frannie first met her sister Trixie, she immediately embraced her – literally.

Jennifer Lewis, mother of the dogs, said: “Frannie was so happy to have a little sister when Trixie came home and she started cuddling. “Frannie is only six months older than Trixie, but Trixie has always considered herself a little sister.”

The couple enjoyed napping together since they’re out and about and love to keep each other warm.

Three years on, the couple still loves to cuddle together every day, although now, Trixxie is a little older than her sister.

“Trixie still climbs to the top for a nap, as you can see,” Lewis said. “Frannie loves to cuddle her, so she’ll let Trixie sleep on her head for a while.”

“I thought Frannie just enjoyed the contact and didn’t notice how big she was,” she added.

The duo sleeps in bed every night but still can’t resist napping during the day and snuggling up during the day on the couch, chair, and footstool.

The couple is very close and spends all their time together. Their personality though couldn’t be more different than:

“Frannie likes to jump on people’s laps even when they don’t expect it. She also loves to play ball. She is super smart and very agile. However, she is a more anxious pup and takes things more seriously. Trixie is a little party girl, has fun, and just enjoys life.”

“They make our home feel full,” said Lewis. “Just hugging them on the couch is so relaxing, especially during these difficult times.”