The dad of the ‘world’s smallest dog’ is willing to do anything to protect her

A Toy Poodle named “Hope” weighed less than two ounces when she was born in Quebec, Canada, under the supervision of K911 Animal Ambulance. Rodney Mclean, who owns and operates this pet ambulance service, was devastated when the vets informed him that Hope suffers from dwarfism and would not last more than 48 hours.

Source: Rodney Mclean/YouTube

Hope, on the other hand, has shown to be a miraculous little warrior! Not only did she survive her first health crisis, but she has also begun to mature. Hope has grown into a sweet little puppy weighing 11 ounces at the age of four months. If she is fortunate, she can reach a maximum weight of 13 ounces as an adult dog!

Source: Rodney Mclean/YouTube

This video shows how Rodney takes care of Hope with a special regime. The wee girl has no idea that she’s not a normal dog and simply wants to play and frolic around all day. For her safety, Rodney puts her in an enclosure and takes her out at timely intervals to let her play with her tinkling ball.

Source: Rodney Mclean/YouTube

Despite her small stature, Hope has the biggest personality and is high in spirit. This is a sweet miracle, and we commend Rodney for handling it well. Hope was recently recognized as the smallest dog in the world. I wish her good health and a lifetime of happiness.

Watch Hope’s adorable personality in action as she plays with her dad in the video below!