The dog saved the baby’s life after she stopped breathing in her sleep

Having a dog around the house is a blessing, not only are they loving and loyal companions, but they can save your life. Stories of dogs stepping up to protect their owners have been seen or alert them of danger.

One woman is calling her dog a hero after he helped save her baby’s life, by alerting the parents in time after the child stopped breathing.

Kelly Andrew is from Boston, Massachusetts, and she owns a Boston terrier named Henry. The dog started acting up in the middle of the night, and woke Kelly’s baby by breaking into their nursery.

Kelly got sick of her dog’s behavior, which included barking and jumping on guests. She said the baby was recovering from a sickness when the dog started interfering, so she became fed up with his lack of manners.

But then she realized her baby wasn’t breathing. Kelly realized that Henry wasn’t causing a commotion, but was trying to save the baby’s life after her daughter was rushed to the hospital.

The dog was able to sense something was wrong. Henry probably saved the child’s life by keeping the baby awake and helping to alert her parents.

“I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her,” Kelly wrote on Twitter. “We don’t deserve dogs.”

The baby is doing much better after spending the night at the hospital, according to the mom.

Kelly says that her dog “Henry was brave enough to hold the fort all night even though he was afraid of the dark.”

She also thanked the ER department Connecticut Children’s Hospital for being “literal heroes” and helping her daughter.

As the story went viral, it was good dog Henry who got a lot of attention. People were amazed at the dog’s instincts, and some even shared their own similar stories, showing how life-saving dogs can be, even when it seems like bad dog behavior.

“We couldn’t figure out for the longest time why my service dog kept going in to my parents room several times a night sniffing my dad’s face and nudging him repeatedly,” one woman replied. “They always pushed her away and she would still circle back. She stopped as soon as he got his pacemaker.”

“I’m chronically ill. There’s been many a time I’ve gone to the hospital because one of my dogs has started sniffing and paying attention to a body part and alerting something’s wrong,” another wrote. “Dogs are heroes!”

Our hearts are so relieved that this baby is safe now – thanks to the quick-thinking of our hero, Henry! Good job, buddy!

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