The dog that had been missing for months cried when his father finally found him

The pain of our pets going missing is irreversible. Their absence leaves a perceptible void at each moment. Questions, fears, and guilt eat away all our thoughts. Our only option, though, is to keep hoping and keep looking.

Knowing that our effort could very well be the difference between life and death for our sweet friends, but what’s important is that we don’t give up easily. And no one knows this better than Rustico Samson Jr. and his family.

They endured three months of suffering after their beloved dog, Coco, went missing.

Reality is inseparable, Samson and Coco always have a strong bond, so when Coco flees one day and cannot be found, Samson is irreconcilable.
“I cried. There was so much sadness, so much pain,” Rustico told The Dodo. “Coco is not just a pet. He’s family.”

Initially, the family would go out every day to find Coco, but they were disappointed day after day when they couldn’t find him.
“I’ve been looking for nooks and crannies,” he said. “I even cried while searching.”

Despite everything, Samson continues to go out every day to find poor Coco, recruiting friends and strangers along the way, demanding all to follow in the hope that someone will find out. Coco.

One day, three months after Coco first went missing, Samson receives a promising call. A stray dog ​​was discovered in a garage in line with Coco’s description.

Desperate to find out if it was really him, Samson, hopefully, ran to the venue.
“Right at that moment, when I saw a dog lying on the floor of that garage, I knew it was it,” he said. “I was a thousand times sure it was Coco.”

In a clip recorded by Samson as he gets to the garage, we see Coco rushing to him as soon as he realizes he has been found.

Understandably, it was an emotional moment for the couple and we hear poor Samson and Coco cry when they are reunited. (So ​​sweet!)

“I was overwhelmed. I was very happy,” Samson said. “I think Coco felt the same way at the time. You can hear him crying like a baby.”

Although Samson will never know what Coco went through during their three months apart, it’s clearly not easy.

Having lost a considerable amount of weight, sadly, Coco was forced to go hungry for many days because she had no food.

After so many months of searching, getting Coco home is a family’s dream come true.

Keeping the faith is not easy when difficulties pile up against you, but in Samson’s words, “when someone in your family is lost, you never give up”.

Let’s see the extremely emotional reunion below:

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