The dog won’t stop smiling after he gets a chair that matches his mom

Franklin, a dachshund mix, is Lindsay Dyer’s favorite pet. Clinginess is a problem, especially when Dyer has to go for work because of the rescue dog.

Dyer described him as a “very relaxed boy” to The Dodo. As long as Bagheera can be with his family or his feline sibling, he’ll be happy.”


Dyer prefers to work from a gray wingback armchair, but Franklin perceives his mother’s sitting in it as an invitation for cuddles. That arrangement wasn’t working for Dyer — until the ideal answer arose.

“When the epidemic began, I became a full-time remote and spent a lot of time in my chair attempting to type with a dog on my lap,” Dyer explained. “I noticed a matching child chair at IKEA.” I went to IKEA the first day it reopened, believing that providing him with his own chair would deter him from stealing mine.”

“It was entirely selfish of me to get him his own chair,” she added.


When Dyer took the miniature matching chair home, she placed Franklin’s favorite stuffed animal on it, and he immediately understood. Franklin’s expression was priceless.

“It goes without saying that he is overjoyed,” Dyer said. “It’s his preferred location in my workplace.”

Franklin’s cat sibling, on the other hand, adores the small chair and has declared it his particular seat as well. Fortunately, Franklin is extremely generous when it comes to accommodating Bagheera.


“They’re best friends and sometimes foes,” Dyer explained. “They share the chair, much to Bag’s chagrin. But they continuously cuddle on the chair or any bed they can find, and they don’t want to sleep apart.”


It appears that regardless of whatever chair Franklin occupies, he will always have to share. And when Franklin steals his mother’s chair once more, Bagheera takes his.

H/T: The DoDo