People are falling in love with the footage of a bunny chomping a snowman’s carrot nose

There are snowmen all over the place, and kids are happy to see them, but there are other cute animals as well, like deer and rabbits. The perspective is different because the furry guys don’t actually love them for the amount of snow they’re made of, but for the orange nose. Who is to blame them?

When this family from a suburb in Canada made a snowman in front of their house, they were wrong to think that the sun was the only enemy. It didn’t last long until the Bryant family’s snowman was devoured by a small sweet creature. There was nothing the family could do, but to amuse themselves and catch the adorable scene on camera.

The Bryants didn’t know that their video would get so much attention online, but after they shared it Sheila’s husband and daughter could be heard while the bunny chomped on the poor snowman’s nose. “Just giving him a kiss,” Sheila can be seen in her footage as she explained why she was recording with her family.

Apparently this isn’t the first time a bunny assaulted a defenceless snowman to leave it with no nose. It seems like they’re happening so often now that people are even writing poems about them.

“There was a little snowman Who had a carrot nose,” the poem reads. “Along came a rabbit, And what do you suppose? That hungry little rabbit, Looking for his lunch, Ate the little snowman’s nose ― Nibble, nibble, crunch!”

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