The Golden Retriever shows his dad how proud he is of his stick collection

We all have our hobbies, some of us fishing or even exercising, while others can search on Netflix for something (purely Anything!) That we haven’t seen yet. Whatever we do in our spare time, we can all agree that taking time out of daily work to engage in something simply because we like it is self-care.

And with everything going on in the world, God knows we need it. Oh, and so was Bruce, it turned out to be.

Meet Bruce, the 4-year-old golden retriever who has turned into an avid club collector

Bruce, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever from the United States, who was crowned “World’s Best Boy” very respectfully, loves good sticks so much so that he collected them … like so many types! The dog that has been building his collection for a few years now had caught the internet’s attention on the reddit social platforms when its owner Leo Icenhour posted a picture of a doggo dog proudly showing off his precious possessions.

The images that have now gone viral seem to have left some questions on the internet about Bruce and his adorable hobby, but just like most of us, it appears that He stumbled upon his passion by chance.

Bruce started his club collection after a huge snowfall fell near his house and left about 12 inches of snow on the ground. At that time, he had only one stick, and it was his favorite. One particular evening, Bruce left his cane in the field. Over the next few days, he went absolutely insane every time we went out, constantly looking for his sticks.

He would dig like a madman and even bury his head in the snow, trying to find it! After a few days, the sun had melted enough snow. He finally caught the gold while digging and found his sweet stick.

Since that moment, he never wanted to become less sticky again, so he started the collection.

Interestingly, despite having an extensive collection (more than 50 sticks or more), Bruce doesn’t want to play with the stick in his collection. After a game of fetching, the poor dog gets breached. His esophagus almost cost him his life.

Fortunately, Bruce was saved and cared for back to perfect health, but since then, it has only been a rubber stick when playing the ball game for Brucey. He is now in their designated area outside the house – at the front door, on display for all guests and visitors.

When asked how he feels about Bruce’s newly found popularity, Leo said this:

“Am I surprised that Bruce has become an internet sensation? Absolutely not. He’s the light of my life and truly a unique puppy so I’m proud of him more than anything. He’s the moon to my stars, the cheese to my macaroons, and the peanut butter to my jelly.”

Awww, how adorable are both of them?

Bruce recently celebrated his 4th birthday in true celebrity style with his annual Bruce-A-Pa-Looza, a party in the park with cheese sandwiches and peanut butter on tap (his favorite snack), and lots of fun in between.
If you want to wish him happiness or keep up with him and Leo, visit:@leoicenhour’s Instagram.