The Heart-warming Story of the Depressed Rescue Dog Who Became Best Friends with a Rat named Riff

There’s nothing better than seeing the heart-warming friendships that develop between dogs and other species. We’ve all heard of dogs who become best mates with cats and maybe even other domesticated pets.

But what about a rat? The friendship that has blossomed between 5-year-old Dutch Shepherd Osiris, and 7-month-old rat Riff, is both unlikely and totally adorable. In spite of their incredible size difference, the pair have become inseparable and just love playing with one another.

You might be wondering exactly how such a strange friendship came to fruition? Well, Osiris’s owners rescued Riff rat when he was just four weeks old. He was so fragile and tiny that he hadn’t yet opened his eyes and needed to be nursed back from the brink with a syringe.

But it wasn’t the just Riff that entered the world facing difficult circumstances. Osiris had been a.ban.doned as a puppy in a parking lot, and his new owners fell in love with him, in spite of only initially taking him in temporarily.

The fact that these two animals experienced such a troubled start to their lives just makes this story all the more incredible. It’s like they’ve been brought together by their initial misfortune and now benefit from each other’s warmth and love, as well as the care and affection of their owners.

As it turns out, in spite of his difficult start to life, Osiris is an incredibly loving, patient, and protective dog. The affection that Osiris has shown Riff is in-keeping with his unique doggy personality. He has become a therapy dog and has helped his owners nurse many different animals back to health over the years.

In an Instagram post, Riff and Osiris’ owner commented:

“Riff rat really likes licking the inside of Osiris’ mouth. I’m sure you are all wondering if we’re afraid Osiris will eat Riff – NOPE! Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals, and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met.”

Such is the strength and depth of Riff and Osiris’ relationship that Riff even climbs inside Osiris’ mouth and helps him clean his teeth! Whenever his owners come home, Osiris comes straight to the door to welcome them, and they can be sure that Riff isn’t far behind.

The two are practically inseparable and can always be seen together, whether it’s sleeping, playing, or just generally wandering around the house. After reading this story, we were really touched by the loving and caring nature of dogs, and it’s so beautiful to see the wonderful friendship these two animals have nurtured.

The future looks bright for Osiris and Riff, so let’s hope we get to learn about more heart-warming relationships between dogs and other cute animals like Riff!