The homeless puppy was rescued in the busy railway and now have a loving home

The railroad tracks are dangerous places. We cannot foresee when an accident might happen here. Sadly, a lot of poor dogs were wandering around this area. They have struggled to survive in such a bad environment.

It would be really dangerous if no one cared about these pitiful animals. Fortunately, some good people help them at the right time and give them the chance to have a happier life.

The following story is about a rescue that gives hope to a small dog saved by the Northeast Animal Shelter from the rails. This inspired all after it went viral on the Internet. Scroll down for more! We just want to share love and kindness in this life.

Northeast Animal Shelter is one of the largest non-profit animal shelters in New England. Since opening, they have put more than 145,000 cats and dogs into loving, responsible homes.

They often patrol desolate places to ensure that any injured dogs can be rescued and that the homeless puppies can be adopted in time. They met a poor puppy on a patrol train track, as usual.

The white puppy is searching for trash right at the railway. Fiona, an East Animal Shelter lifeguard, slowly approaches the dog.

Fortunately, the dog was friendly and relaxed around humans, and its tail started waving. The small animal seems to trust Fiona. He is not afraid of strangers.

Fiona named him Steel. Later, he was taken to a new home, where he received the best treatment. He was taken care of by the rescue force. However, he needs time to adjust to his new life.

Fortunately, Steel was saved from the rails before things got worse.

There are still a lot of abandoned animals in the world. But thankfully, many people are willing to help them. We believe that all animals deserve a happy life.

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