The man jumped into the cold water to save the dog from drowning in the park

It is difficult to say what we would do in a life or death situation to save an animal; those who deserve the title of ‘heroes.’ Don Chatten was walking with his two dogs in Buffalo, New York, one cold day when a woman asked him for help to find her little dog.

He did not hesitate to help her, but when he finally found the location of the missing dog, he realizes the danger and knows he must act quickly.

The dog had fallen into the icy waters of Ellicott Creek Park, and Don knew he didn’t have much time left if he tries to save her.

According to WKBW News, Don called 911 but, fearing they might be too late, decided to rescue the dog himself.

He tried to crawl over the ice, but it made him waist-deep in the icy waters. Don told WKBW News: “I know it’s not really deep in this section because I used to be here when I was a kid.

According to the news station, the trembling dog was then taken to the vet for examination. Let’s learn more about the heroic actions of this animal lover in the clip below.

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