The Man Rescue A Wild Wolf From Ice Thinking It Was A Dog

Kind-hearted Estonian workers rushed to rescue a dog in distress from a freezing river – unaware of the fact they were actually about to rescue a wild wolf.

The men were working on the dam when they saw the animal trapped in the water.

After clearing a path through the ice, they took the dog to a clinic for medical care.

Only then was it revealed they had been carrying a wolf.

The Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals (EUPA) said that when they got to their veterinarian’s office, this wolf had low blood pressure and was therefore very docile.

Rando Kartsepp, one of the men who helped rescue the animal, said: “We had to carry him over the slope. He weighed a fair bit.”

“He was calm, slept on my legs. When I wanted to stretch them, he raised his head for a moment,” he added.

Veterinarians were not sure what sort of animal this big dog was. A hunter who knows about wolves said that it is a young male wolf, about one year old.

Armed with this new information, clinic workers opted to cage the wolf after therapy in case it became less docile once recovered – in the event that it became more aggressive.

The EUPA said it would pay for the animal’s treatment and added that “luckily, everything worked out well.”

The wolf recovered from its brush with death, and after being fitted with a GPS collar, he was released back into the wild.

“We are so happy for the outcome of the story, and wish to thank all the participants – especially these men who rescued the wolf and the doctors of the clinic who were not afraid to treat and nurture the wild animal,” EUPA said.

Estonia is home to hundreds of wolves, but only a tiny fraction have been collared in recent years. They usually avoid humans as a species.

It was picked as Estonia’s national animal last year by a group of nature organizations.

The Man rescue a wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog. This is proof of how kindness can go miles in helping an animal escape danger. We hope you’ll consider being kind to animals too!