The man who thought he betrayed a homeless dog but actually saved his life

We broke our hearts when we saw precious dogs abandoned outside the door. However, sometimes it is heartwarming to know that angels are willing to do the best they can to help these unfortunate creatures, even if it is not always the most comfortable thing to do.

The two dogs had lost their home for more than two years and are cared for by a kind man. His wicked neighbor told him he wanted to take the dogs and sell the puppies. The kind man didn’t want to let them go, but he realized the poor dogs were in an unsafe environment, so he decided to call Hope For Paws for help.

When the rescue team arrived at the scene, the female dog was quite friendly as she greeted them and quickly accepted their reward. Meanwhile, the male one was a bit hesitant and nervous. He did not fight the rescuers, but he kept a distance from them.

It was touching when the man who called them quietly approached the dog to pet it, saying, “I told you I would help you. I can’t help you as they will. I’m sorry.” And he moved to tears. He cared about the dogs so much, but he couldn’t do better than let them go. He thought he had “betrayed” them. “I feel so horrible as if I’ve earned his trust, and now I’m hitting him back.”

It took a while for the rescuers to successfully appease the dogs and eventually bring them back to the shelter. They named the boy George and the girl Irene. They are such a good match that Irene has supported George a lot since he was still shy.

George had bone cancer and thankfully, they were able to perform surgery to save his life. It was a pity that it permanently lost one of his legs, but the dog was courageous. Both were healthy and ready for a fresh start in life.

The boy who called for help had a heart of gold; he did all he could for the dogs and finally helped them have a better life. He thought he did something terrible, but he didn’t realize that he gave them a second chance at a life that would be safe and full of love. He saved them more than once. What a compassionate soul. Thank you very much!

You can watch the video below