The Moment A Blue Whale Blowing A Rainbow Heart

A rainbow is water vapor plus sunlight. The heart resembles a rainbow.

The ideal shot at the ideal time!!!

Simply stunning… If you pay close attention to detail, the rainbow hues will have a heart-shaped shadow. That is incredible!!!!!!!!

This extraordinary photograph appears to have captured the moment a blue whale blew a rainbow-colored HEART as it surfaced for air.

Photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun was fortunate enough to snap a stunning animal with its blowhole open.

The falling water droplets and sunshine create the illusion that the whale is blowing a rainbow-colored heart.

Perfection so lovely What an arrest!

Tanakit had spent the day swimming with whales while on a scuba diving trip of the area near Sri Lanka.

He stated that the photographs were a dream come true. I had yearned my entire life to swim with blue whales; it was such a wonderful experience.

Having an excellent time. God promise ever were

Amazing remembrance of God’s promise that there will never again be a global flood…

Mother Nature is magnificent!!

Observing nature alone, thanks to the photographer!!!

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