The mother dog and her 5 puppies that eat leaves to survive in the cold park are now living a happy life

The Love Furry Friends Rescue team went to a little old park in a village. They are being asked to help out a dog mother and her children here. The mother dog has a special appearance with jet black fur.

She is the mother of 5 adorable dalmatians. It seems that the mother dog was abandoned during pregnancy and later gave birth to puppies in this old park.

The babies are still breastfed. Sadly, the mother dog has not had enough food for many days. She even has to eat leaves when she can’t find any food.

When the rescuers found the location where the barking sounded, they saw five fluffy balls wagging their tails and running to them. They licked the lifeguard’s hand and rubbed their heads in the palms of their hands. They are really active and mischievous friends.

The park is covered with dry leaves, and the dogs have a great place to play. But they won’t survive when winter comes. The rescue team decided to help the dog’s family before the environment became more severe.

The mother knows these people are here to help her. She didn’t show any discomfort or resistance when they tried to get the whole family in the car.

After that, the dogs were taken to a shelter with good food, clean water, and a soft, warm carpet for them to lie down on. The puppies ate the food deliciously.

But the mother dog, in another corner, is enjoying the wonderful taste of the food; it certainly tastes even better than the taste of the leaves she had eaten before.

Puppies love to play with balls. These fluffy friends are very active and enjoy playing ball games with everyone. Their best time of day is bath time! They enjoy playing in the water and are very docile when bathed by caregivers.

And the mother dog will be sterilized after the puppies are old and no longer need to breastfeed. We hope the dog’s family can live a happy and healthy life.