The orphaned raccoon lives with dogs and thinks she’s one of them

Rosie Kemp, from Nassau, Bahamas, discovered a tiny raccoon falling from a tree in 2020. The boy’s leg was fractured, and no one from his family was nearby. Rosie and her daughter Laura took a raccoon in order to save him.

Pumpkin was the name given to that adorable infant raccoon. He was quickly at ease in his new surroundings. It didn’t take him long to get to know the other members of his new extended family. Laura and her husband have agreed to take care of him together in their home.

In addition to the two dogs that came with her new place of residence, she also gained two new friends: the dogs were also saved by a kind family, just like the raccoon had been. A common language was soon established between the raccoon and the dogs, and they began to interact continuously. When they were one, it was impossible to break them apart.

The Pumpkin’s owner claims that he is continuously on the lookout for his canine companions and never leaves them alone for more than a few minutes.

His newfound strength has shown him to be eager to spend time with his new and long-standing acquaintances. He enjoys going to the dog park and spending time with the other dogs. On the other hand, Pumpkin, on the other hand, has a keen sense of timing and knows when to put his foot down. Because he values his canine companions, he knows when to back off. To him, he never treats them collectively and never permits himself to do anything.

When it comes to his buddies, Laura, his owner, claims that he repeats himself endlessly. Also, it’s easy to see how he adopts their habits. The raccoon is extremely likely to think of himself as a dog as well. At the same time, Pumpkin is quite intelligent and, if the owner is to be believed, she understands how to express the emotions she encounters.

Taking care of raccoons demands a significant amount of physical exertion, as well as ongoing effort. In the end, however, everything has a result, and so Pumpkin frequently surprises Laura with fresh results, amuses her, and bestows on her true emotions that we believe are incomparable.