The owner found his dog on the street after three years of searching

The emotional video showing the moment a dog is reunited with its owner after three years warms the hearts of the worst.

Mr. Giorgi Bereziani, 62 years old from Georgia, was heartbroken after losing his dog, Jorge, three years ago – once a dog has been missing for a long time, little hope that it will be reunited. With his family, the old man gets a phone call that will change his life one day.

An opera staff member in Tbilisi, Georgia, called him one day to let him know that there was a dog that matched the description of the man’s missing puppy pawning in front of her shop.

Footage shows the man and the shop owner approaching the dog lying under a tree by the road and discovering his long-lost best friend.

In the video, you can hear the man approaching the dog and saying: “It looks a lot like him, can you see him?”

Then Giorgi came closer to the dog and hoped to call his dog’s name, Jorge.

He said: “Can you see him? Here. At the base of the tree. Jorge? Jorge, it’s you! ”

The moment the dog heard his name stood up and turned towards the man, instant affection and affection. Giorgi has spent years putting up posters, walking in the streets, all with no success.

Talking to the dog, the man said: “Aww, sweet boy, how are you. What is it? What do you want? Sweet boy.”

The dog always let out the most heartbreaking whimper, indicating that he truly missed his master.

In the video that was viewed more than 500,000 times on Youtube, the dog had a yellow tag on his ear, meaning that the local authorities thought it was a stray dog ​​so he brought it in the house, vaccinated it, they considered it harmless, then release it. Back out into the street.

Giorgi, now very emotional, turned to the shop owner and said: “He’s been lost for three years!”

Watch the video below: