The Perfect Backpack For Dogs Who Have A Little Trouble Getting Around

The entire family can now go hiking together


When you want to take your dog with you on a walk or trek, you sometimes need a little assistance. Carrying your dog in a dog backpack, like as the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag, is a fantastic way to allow him to join you on outings, whether he is elderly or has mobility concerns, or if you simply want to take him on the train.

This backpack was designed by an influencer whose corgi, Maxine, is known for accompanying him everywhere he goes. Since he was unable to locate a bag he liked for his dog, he collaborated with veterinary doctors to create one that he claims is more durable than existing dog backpacks and is designed with safety in mind.

We wanted to evaluate for ourselves how well this backpack performs, so we compared the Little Chonk Maxine One bag against the K9 Sport Sack Air 2 to see how they compare.

Find out what we think of the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag below.

What is the function of the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag?

Putting dogs in the Little Chonk backpack is surprisingly simple. It includes a unique “runway” function that allows you to unzip the entire bag so that it rests totally flat, making it incredibly simple for dogs to enter.

Once your dog is inside the carrier, simply bring the runway up over his back, zip and fasten him in, and you’re ready for your next journey.