The Pitbull Saved at the Last Minute from Euthanasia After Being Dumped

For any dog, being surrendered or abandoned is a traumatic experience. All they’ve ever known and loved is suddenly ripped away from them, and they’re thrust into an unknown world with no idea what will happen next.

After years of being the most caring dog to his mother, father, and four children, his owners abandoned Stormy, a 2-year-old Pitbull, at a busy shelter. Like the people at the shelter, the puppy had no idea what was going on, as no real reason was given for his abandonment.

He was apparently no longer deserving of their affection, and that was it. How can anyone fall out of love with a dog for no reason?

With their fifth child on the way, the family decided it was time to free up some space by replacing someone. The family soon abandoned little Stormy he had known and loved his whole life.

Stormy sat in anticipation of their return, but they never came back. He became depressed, making it difficult for someone to want to adopt him, as he showed no interest in connecting with families that came to the shelter looking for a dog to take home with them.

He was dropped off at a crowded Brooklyn shelter by his family and essentially just left for dead.

The shelter called him Stormy after he was formerly known as Fresh. He was scared and had no idea what was happening. All of this was perplexing and frightening to the sweet-natured dog.

Stormy was fortunate that selfless parent Alana Guerrini noticed his profile online and rushed to get him out of the shelter before it was too late — but it was a close call. She recalls just how close:

“He was due to be put down at 5 pm, and it was 4.58 or 4.59 by the time we got the word that ‘we’ll let you take him, and he’s officially yours and off of death row.'”

Stormy had been placed on the euthanasia list at the overcrowded shelter because they couldn’t care for any more dogs. While this is heart-breaking, it goes to show how important it is that if you give your dog a home, you shouldn’t ever abandon them and leave them at a shelter.

He was on the verge of being put down when he was rescued. Guerrini and her 16-year-old son drove down to the shelter and took Stormy home with them, where he would stay until he could be adopted.

Stormy was grateful to Guerrini and her son and didn’t hold back in expressing her gratitude. He smothered them both in kisses and cuddles as soon as he saw them, thanking them “because he knew he was going to live.”

Guerrini and her son fell head over heels in love with Stormy right away. With everyone, particularly the children, he was gentle, caring, and playful.

Guerrini, in particular, finds it difficult to comprehend why Stormy was abandoned. Despite this, she continues to search for the ideal forever family that understands how special a dog Stormy is.

Hopefully, she’ll locate them as soon as possible!

Check out this video of him below:

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