The rescue dog hugged the news reporter tightly until he decided to adopt her

When we make the life-changing choice of adopting a dog, the truth is, that decision is in our hands. In most cases, our furry friends choose us first. Some dogs go a step further and make us fall for them when we least expect them.

That is exactly what happened to a beautiful shelter girl who had just seen this news reporter immediately handed her heart over to him.

The reporter was covering a story at the shelter not related to the puppy, and few know that he was about to find a new member of the family.

Many shelter dogs watched the reporter out of curiosity, but one particular dog was not frightened at approaching him. The dog bravely came to the reporter without fear or shyness and surprised everyone by giving the reporter a sincere hug.

The warm interaction between the journalist and the dog has been captured on video – and it’s the perfect example of how dogs choose us.

Although the man may be confused by the dog’s actions, he happily encourages her behavior. He gently stroked her head, making her cling to him even more. She clung to his leg and leaned her head against him.

The poor dog looked tired at home alone. The video is about 30 seconds long, so this is one of the best hugging scenes ever shot.

As this adorable video went viral on the internet, a tearful story accompanied it. Apparently, the news reporter adopted the dog after their famous hug took place.

The dog chose a messenger, and there was no way he could refuse.

They had a connection she simply couldn’t deny, and fortunately he couldn’t; Finally, the reporter adopted his sweet dog and gave him a loving home!

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Their captivating story was genuinely astonishing, and to make it even better; their first accidental encounter was captured on camera.

Their stories have made headlines online and have touched many hearts.

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