The sad old dog becomes a happy pup after being rescued

Living out the door is challenging for any stray dog, especially older ones. They can hardly do anything for themselves, just trying to live through the day in vain without knowing what tomorrow will bring or what will happen to them in the next minute.

Love Furry Friends went out to rescue a dog that lived not far from some garage. The guard told them that many people here did not want to see the dog. Instead of helping her, someone even tried to shoot her.

The dog’s name is Chapa, and she is a blind old dog. The little dog looked sad and a bit confused. It seemed that she had no faith in humans, so she always keeps her distance from the rescuers.

While they didn’t know how to get closer to the dog, fortunately, a man appeared. He was the one who fed Chapa, and he agreed to help them capture the dog. Chapa was still running around, trying to stay away from strangers.

Finally, they may take her to the vet clinic for a check-up. Because she is an old dog (about ten years old) and had to live in dire conditions, her health is not good. She has a cataract that makes her vision very poor. Cruelly, the x-rays showed that she was indeed shot.

They bathed her and then cut her hair to give her a completely different look. She was beautiful. Amazingly, after a few days, Chapa began to trust the people around him. She happily wagged her tail when she met the rescuers, enjoying every moment of her life in the sunlight. She had lived in the dark for too long, and now she had the chance to make a fresh start.

Chapa is such a sweet dog. She deserves an eternal loving home.

You can watch the video below: