The Scared and Helpless Abandoned Dog Who Was Given a New Lease of Life by Kind-Hearted Dog Shelter Owner

It’s difficult to return to life after being deserted. Imagine being callous enough to take your dog out one morning, only to leave them in the wild with no care about what happens to them.

They used to have a home with ample food and treatment, and then they were unexpectedly dumped on the streets to fend for themselves. It’s difficult to imagine their isolation and depression at that time.

However, like the workers of the Dog Rescue Center in Mladenovac, Serbia, there are so many heroes without a cape risking everything to save these otherwise helpless animals wherever and whenever they can.

The story we share with you here is one of their most noteworthy, as the dog in question had lost all faith in humans and was ready to give up on life.

This lost dog was “wandering around and crossing the street side to side in his quest for food,” according to what they heard, which was very dangerous because he could be struck by a vehicle at any moment. Milan, the owner of the shelter, alongside his co-worker, quickly found the dog where they had been told to look, but they had difficulty approaching him because he kept running away.

They realised after a while of struggling that they needed to do whatever it took to earn his trust. Milan attempted to entice him with food, but it did not seem to work. Despite accepting some food to satisfy his appetite, the terrified black dog bolted as soon as Milan approached him.

They decided that their only option of bringing the stranded dog safely to the shelter was to set a trap and bring him in a cage. Fortunately, this didn’t scare the dog, and it worked.

They caught him and decided to rush him to see a vet, who checked out his condition before Milan tried to find him a home. It was determined that he was suffering from a condition called anaplasmosis, a parasitical disease that affects red blood cells.

With a treatment plan in hand, Milan took the rescued dog back to his shelter and found him a foster home where he could socialise with other dogs and regain some of his lost confidence.

They decided to call him Bak, and during the time the dog spent in the rescue home, he learned to trust humans again and regained the affable personality that he obviously had before he was left for dead.

After spending a few months in a foster home, Bak was given his forever home by a loving lady who couldn’t be happier with her new family member.

Talking about her adoption of Bak, his new says:

“I thank Milan, who runs the shelter, for letting me visit his apartment and the shelter. But mostly, I would like to thank him for having rescued and taken such good care of dear little Bak. There are many wonderful dogs in the shelter, and I hope others will consider adopting them and supporting Milan in his work.” 

It’s wonderful to hear such a happy ending to a sad story, and we congratulate Milan on his big heart and commitment to animal welfare!