The Story Of The Man Who Quit The Corporate World To Travel The Country With His Ten Rescue Dogs

We love hearing stories about people who turn their dreams into reality. Former corporate trainer Lee Asher was taking home a six-figure salary but wasn’t happy with his material life. 

One day, he decided to quit and leave the corporate world behind. Along with his best friend, they sold everything they owned, packed their bags, and set out on the road with ten rescue dogs. 

Their life on the road is a joint mission to rescue shelter dogs from all over the country and find them the perfect forever home. Together, they launched ‘The Asher House,’ which is a charitable foundation that encourages people to adopt shelter dogs rather than going for pedigree dogs as puppies. 

 When talking of his life-changing decision, Asher doesn’t hold back: 

“We quit our jobs; we got out of our leases, we got rid of everything. We wanted to be solely focused on this.” 

After a tough first six months in which he racked up $8,000 in vet bills alone, it would have been easy for him to call it a day and return to his comfortable life in the city. 

But he persevered and stayed true to his vision. Three years later, his mission is sponsored by a number of corporate companies, and he receives donations from animal lovers from all over the world. 

In his customized RV, Asher has found a home away from home and values the incredible company that the dogs give him during his journey. The RV has a full kitchen, a bathroom, a loft bed, and a rooftop deck on which he can chill out in the evening under the stars. 

He has traveled to 31 out of 50 states and rescued more than 90 dogs along the way. He also hosts adoption events and encourages people to change their attitudes towards adopting rescue dogs.  

During the coronaᴠɪʀᴜs pandemic, he adapted his business model and delivered a number of virtual events from inside his RV, something that increased his support from around the world. 

One of the biggest challenges he faces is his attachment to the dogs, and rehoming them is tough. He explains: 

“It’s not about what I want. It’s about what is best for the animals, and that’s what makes fostering so difficult. You really have to tell yourself from the beginning, ‘I’m not keeping the dog.”

The Asher House wants to help rehome every single rescue dog in America, which is a lofty aspiration, to say the least! But it really just goes to show the dedication of the guys to make sure all of the dogs in their care find a forever home. 

To follow The Asher House project or to support their vision, you can visit their website and follow them on Instagram.