The stray little puppy wagged its tail at every passerby in hopes of being adopted

Lek Lek is an intelligent and compassionate dog, currently living in Sri Lanka with her family. She adores her parents – and for a good reason, they make sure she’s happy, healthy, and has a warm bed to sleep at night.

But her life wasn’t always full of roses. Just a few years ago, Lek Lek was a stray, wandering the cold streets of Nuwara Eliya, not knowing where her next meal would come from. But despite all the difficulties, Lek Lek used her bright and lovable personality and her perseverance to find her forever family.

A few years ago, Lek Lek was trying to survive on the streets of Sri Lanka. She would wag her tail every time someone passed her, trying to get someone to notice her, but no one seemed to care. However, things suddenly changed when Lek Chailert and some lifeguards from Elephant Nature Park noticed her.

Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is home to elephants rescued from all problematic situations. The group happened to be in Sri Lanka on an elephant research trip and passed by Nuwara Eliya when they came across the puppy.

They wrote on YouTube:

“In the ticket market, where thousands of people pass by, we saw a little puppy wagging its tail at passers-by, inviting everyone to notice her.”

The group was in a hurry, so they patted the puppy one last time and started walking away. But the stray is not going to let them leave her. She started watching them everywhere they went.

They are forced to return the eager puppy many times until they realize that they cannot abandon her. Lek Lek’s perseverance and dedication saved her life.

“She started following us, and quite far until we lifted her up and brought her back to where we first met her. She watched us over and over again until her determination overcame our hearts. ”

Even though they were away from home, the team set out to ask everyone if they could adopt and take care of the sweet little dog, but no one seemed to care. They ran out of options when they asked for someone to stay close.

The group’s driver, a man named Sohara, volunteered to take care of the puppy. Everyone was delighted that the sweet, determined little girl who pressed herself into their hearts was finally safe. They named the puppy “Lek Lek” and left her in Soharas’s loving care.

Sohara bought her a new blanket and bathed her, using his luggage as a makeshift bed for her when she was with them at the hotel. It was her warm, peaceful first night.

Lek Lek is pleased to have a home and a loving family. She quickly becomes closer and closer to her new father, Sohara.

Her hunt for a permanent home was finally over, and she couldn’t be happier. Then, after three wonderful years with Sohara, Lek Lek received a very unexpected visit.

A woman named Lek, a member of the Elephant rescue team when Lek Lek was saved, visited her pet dog after all this time. Even though she hasn’t seen her for many years, Lek Lek still remembers her very much.

Their sweet reunion was recorded on video, and you can see the joy that emanates from the two as they greet and cuddle each other.

Check out Lek Lek’s touching reunion with her rescuers in the video below.