The Vet Said, This Dalmatian Would Have Three Puppies; Instead She Had Eighteen!

When your dog is pregnant, it can be hard to predict how many puppies are due to arrive at home!

It can be tempting to call in a vet to give you an idea of how many puppies to expect and make sure everything goes according to plan and the puppies arrive safely.

This is exactly what dog trainer Cecilia Lanton Bunker did when she got the exciting news that her beautiful dalmatian dog Miley was pregnant.

Cecilia is the definition of an expert when it comes to managing circumstances like this, as the proud owner of a renowned breeding program that has created countlessly titled and championed dogs over the course of 27 years.

Drawing upon her extensive experience working with dogs throughout her life, Cecilia thought she knew what to expect.

What’s more, Miley’s pregnancy would be closely monitored by Cecilia, who would regularly take her to the vet to ensure that she and her pups were safe and healthy.

The vet in charge of the pregnancy expected a three-puppy litter after a few ultrasounds and X-rays.

However, because of Miley’s extraordinarily large body, Cecilia became increasingly suspicious of the prediction as Miley’s pregnancy progressed, despite her previous years of experience.

Regardless, she set her suspicions aside and concentrated solely on Miley’s well-being, and made sure she was there for her beautiful dalmatian.

When Miley’s time came to give birth, a team of veterinarian nurses was on hand to make sure her labor went as smoothly as possible.

Miley gave birth to three puppies as planned, but another soon followed, then another, and another. Miley gave birth to a total of 18 adorable puppies!

Dalmatian litters average 8–10 pups per litter and their first litters are always much smaller, so Cecilia and the nurses were taken aback. It took 13 hours of labor to deliver all of the puppies.

Cecilia and her husband are assisting the new mother with puppy care since there are so many little guys in the litter of 18 puppies.

About the remarkable birth, Cecilia said:

“I thought she’s stopped after number fifteen because it looked like she had laid down to go to sleep. But then along came another one and two more after that. Nellie is making a charming mum. I’m immensely proud of her; she’s been amazing.”

The breeders have put a temporarily dyed dot on their necks due to a large number of puppies. When the collars arrive, they will be replaced.

Meanwhile, out of over 40,000 Dalmatian births, Miley’s record-breaking achievement has been registered by the Australian National Kennel Club as the most significant litter in Australian history.

What an incredible story! There’s nothing better than welcoming more beautiful dogs into the world, and we can all agree that Cecilia is fortunate with her eighteen new additions!