The woman outsmarts the dog always trying to get through the fence

“It worked like a charm.”

When Julia Morley first saw Lu-Seal at a shelter in Pittsburgh, little Chihuahua could barely walk. The Lu-Seal weighs 16 pounds – twice a healthy weight for a dog her size.

But when Morley took her home, the 9-year-old dog started to shrink. “I put her on a healthy diet and let her walk as much as I could,” said Morley. “Now she has a healthy weight and is doing well.”

Lu-Seal has been at a stable weight for three years now and is more active than ever.

But her weight loss was never more apparent than when her mother installed a new fence around her yard.

“I never thought she would get through the railing of the fence when I picked it up, but as soon as it was installed, it would have problems,” Morley said.

Lu-Seal constantly monitors her neighbor, Eddie, who always gives the best treatment. And the new fence posed a slight challenge as Lu-Seal rushed out of her yard to kick him down.

Lu-Seal is determined to get through the fence any time she goes out, so Morley must act quickly. Morley posted about his problem on Lu-Seal’s Instagram, and one of the dog’s followers came up with a hilarious solution: put a “safe spoon” on Lu-Seal’s back.

The spoon idea just seemed insane enough to work, and the results were hilarious.

“I attached it to her belt with Velcro, and it acts like a charm,” Morley said. “We are only using it as a temporary solution. The landscape guard came back a week later and installed puppy guardians on the fence ”.

“I think Lu-Seal was so determined to get over that fence that she didn’t even notice the spoon on her back,” added Morley. “It didn’t seem to bother her at all, and it certainly didn’t change her belief that her efforts were ultimately successful.”

Thanks to the puppy guardians on the fence, Lu-Seal gave up his task of sneaking over the fence. But that doesn’t mean she gives up on persuading her neighbor to feed her.

“Instead, whenever she saw Eddie while watching cookies, she ran to the gate and waited for me to bring her over to meet him,” Morley said. “Lu-Seal is a highly optimistic person. She always smiles on her lips, and nothing seems to disappoint her.

To learn more about Lu-Seal and her weight loss journey, you can follow her on Instagram.