The woman saved a stray dog ​​17 years ago, and now she has to say goodbye to him

We always admire those who rescue and adopt wild dogs. These kinds of people are the ones with the biggest and kindest hearts.

The act of forgetting to take the time, effort, and responsibility of caring for a dog needs our admiration and praise. This woman named Jesusita is one of those great and wonderful people.

Seventeen years ago, a dog appeared on her doorstep, and when she saw it, she knew that they were destined to meet.

Jesusita doesn’t have much, but she didn’t hesitate to take care of her dog. She named the dog Solovino, which means “it came alone” in Spanish.

Solovino was loyal to Jesusita. Since they met, he never left Jesuita. For many years Solovino had been with Jesusita, as her sweet and faithful companion. But the years pass, and aging is inevitable. The disease began to appear with Solovino’s age.

He suffered from severe stage arthritis and had difficulty walking. The time for Solovino to walk was painful. Jesusita did not want Solovino to suffer anymore. So she knew that it was time for her to say goodbye to her faithful friend.

Kerry Armstrong, a founder of Home Dog LA, said they got a call from a woman in need of help to take down her 17-year-old dog humanely. Home Dog LA is an organization that helps families under stress with their pets.

And since Jesusita didn’t have much, they knew they had to help her, especially during that sad time. Sandra Shadic, a member of Home Dog LA, went to Jesusita’s home to help transport Solovino.

But before taking him to the clinic, they gave Solovino a particular treatment regimen. The three of them enjoyed a hamburger meal together. It was Jesusita’s last meal with his loyal friend. Please walk freely, Solovino.

Then they took Solovino to the clinic. And after Jesusita said his final farewell, Solovino was put to sleep. It’s hard and painful to see our furry buddies leave the world, but we would be too selfish to cling to them even if they were in great pain.

Solovino lived a happy and loving life for 17 years with Jesusita, and that is all that matters. SHARE to pass this story on to a friend or family member.