These Children Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Thanks To Their Good Deeds

Even though there are far too many bad things happening in the world, there will always be a gleam of hope that will restore our faith in humans. We must keep in mind that good things also happen on our planet.

The collection of young people who improve the world below will brighten your day.

The images serve as a reminder that despite any evil present, there will always be a child lending a helping hand to a poor animal.

Because no matter how bad things go, there will always be a small person helping dogs that irresponsible people leave behind or looking out for ducklings.

These kids have given us hope for a better future. Like Ken, who at the age of 9 in the Philippines decided to build a haven for stray cats and dogs.

He and the Happy Animals Club have dramatically improved the lives of more than 40 animals a year after we first learned about him.