This baby orca was stuck and crying for hours. A group of strangers saves him

Aren’t orca whales magnificent creatures? This species of dolphin is the largest in the dolphin family. Their intelligence and adaptability make them even more capable at hunting, and they can even communicate with one another. It goes without saying that they aren’t the friendliest of creatures.

As a general rule, humans are better off if they avoid getting too close to animals.

After seeing an orca in distress, the folks in the video below decided to go up close and personal with the animal to provide it some assistance.

There was an unfortunate incident off the coast of British Columbia. While searching for food, the orca became stranded on a series of rocks.

Many people discovered him at the last minute and hurried to his aid. But everyone knew it would be a difficult rescue!

It was a group of volunteers alerted by a FB post to the plight of an orca in need. These individuals acted swiftly, hopping into their automobiles and rushing to the site. Finally, after nearly eight hours, they were able to release the orca. As a result of the occurrence, the marine mammal was unharmed.

Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing rescue effort!